Vision of the Promoting Body

“To Promote Social Awareness through knowledge”


3.1 Objectives of the Institution

The institute has a clear vision and objective, in its quest for being an outstanding centre for learning and development of human resource, which is conducive to the fast changing national and international situations. It shall adhere to a consistent recruitment policy to recruit very brilliant teachers specializing in various domain of Science & Technology.

The Institute apart from satisfying the needs of higher Education in Siliguri will also aim at fulfilling the dreams of students coming from states like Sikkim, Bihar & 7 North east states. The institute is committed to develop itself as a value and need based quality education provider in India and the state of West Bengal in particular. Its ultimate goal is to produce qualified and competent manpower responsive to the changing needs of the society at the national and international levels. It shall together with the other affiliated Universities and Institution in and around Siliguri become a herding ground so as to stimulate and promote activities to strengthen professional competency of the students and faculty through:

    • Continuing education and lifelong learning for faculty, staff and working professionals.
    • Research, design and development.
    • Consultancy relevant to areas of specialization and expertise.
    • Continuous innovation of methods of learning, teaching as also research.
    • Enabling access to the best intellectual resources.
    • Encourage faculties to develop Coordination in academic and research activities of common interest.
    • Promote Institute-Industry-Government interface.
    • Serve as a centre for generation and exchange of ideas among students, teachers, research organizations and the state Government, so as to promote entrepreneurial culture among students and to assist them through expertise available in other institutions.
    • Help to mobilize resources through Alumni, users, Social Workers, Philanthropists and other organizations (both from within and outside India) to promote research and development of sophisticated laboratories, Scholarships, Fellowships, Prizes, Medals, organise special lectures, seminars, conferences, workshops, etc.
    • Devise schemes and methods for effective periodic evaluation of performance of projects, faculties, staff and students, internal evaluation through Academic and Administrative Audit Committees.
    • Take steps for facilitating appropriate environment in the institution of education to achieve harmonious relationship among teachers, students and staff.

    The institute seeks to excel in five ethos:

    • The Culture of Excellence
    • The Culture of Innovation
    • The Culture of Quality
    • The Culture of Flexibility and Dynamism
    • The Culture of Sustainability

Aware of the fact that excellence results from hard, sincere and honest work, the institute has to continuously and methodically strive for it. The culture of innovations can be achieved by generating some thing new and valuable to the society around. Contemporary knowledge based economy faces fierce global competition and the only way to cope with such a situation, is that the institute should have proactive innovators and thinkers committed to the need of the society.

With the world moving towards the 'knowledge based society', the importance of the 'knowledge' has increased every where. The 'rich-poor' divide, may as a consequence be turned to 'knowledge rich' and 'knowledge poor' society. In such a situation, the institute has a vital role to play in disseminating knowledge among the student community. In India, a large number of institutes are engaged in imparting Science & Technology training and education, but there is a rising concern that there is a shortage of proper man power needed by the multinationals. The institute should try its best to produce quality man power. Skill alone is not adequate for competence. Values plus skills make the picture holistic. The human value shall be added with each course offered by the institute. The institute shall promote strong link between its essential cultural values and the modernity reflected in study of Science & Technology.

The courses offered by the institute shall be added with the mental and moral strength and should awaken them to new consciousness and qualities of leadership in different walks of life. The programmes and activities taken up in the institute should promote mental and attitudinal changes in the students and enthuse them to face challenges of life boldly and successfully.

The institute promises to promote technology leadership. The institute shall create an environment for a thinking time (free time) for the faculty members and students for taking up new projects. It is high time to take steps to change the rigid attitude and mindset of the people to take these new challenges.

There is a continuous increase in value gap in education systems and the institute shall try its best to decrease the value gap in education. Secondly, the institute shall discourage the perverted application of sharp minds. Only skill is not sufficient condition for competence. If we can add human value to the education system, it will be then a holistic educational system. There are two components of the holistic approach to education i.e. Buddhi Britti and Hridaya Britti. Our methods and style of administration and management will reflect these two components.

    There is an increasing concern over non-sustainable patterns for consumption and also concern for social inequalities and cultural disturbances. The institute shall take care of these problems. The institute has a greater role in the following aspects:

    • Human resource development
    • Capacity building in the thrust area specified by the Government
    • Entrepreneurship development; and
    • Technology Development

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